Yak - 27 from modeller`s view - Walk around
tail wheel wheel wheel wing
front jet jet cockpit

  1.   Yak-27R rear section with damaged horizontal tailplane, starboard wiew
  2.   A wiew to starboard wing tip with right auxiliary u/c leg
  3.   A wiew from the right side to forward main tandem u/c leg with cover
  4.   A rearward wiew to back main u/c leg with cover
  5.   Part of starboard wing with a wing fence
  6.   Glazed nose,which accommodated the navigator. Pitot - static boom is missing
  7.   Air intake, right engine
  8.   Topwiew to rear port engine nacelle
  9.   Wiew to fuselage central part and starboard engine nacelle with variable convergent nozzle
10.   Navigator hatch and pilot cockpit conopy. Damaged conopy is unprofessionally repaired